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Liver Vedik


Liver Vedik provide solution for live disorder, jaundice and alcoholism.

✔ This supplement are 100% natural herbs which are safe to use, with no side effects.

✔ Liver Vedik helps treat all types of hepatitis, jaundice & anemias and regulates fat metabolism.

✔ It also helps to treat Hepatitis A, B, C & others, jaundice, hepatopathy with oedema and ascites, fatty liver, alcoholic & other types of cirrhosis and anemia.

✔ Liver is vital organ of our body. It helps to breakdown the food which we consume and it is also responsible for the removal of toxins from body.

✔ Liver Vedik Capsules which helps to remove toxins from body.

✔ Overall it is best herbal treatment for liver disease like jaundice.

✔ Liver vedik Capsules is an intensive researched effective ayurvedic formulation and proprietary medicine for the treatment of liver diseases.

✔ It is used to treat various liver disorders like jaundice, dyspepsia, anemia, hepatitis, anorexia etc.

✔ It is a very effective solution to protect your liver from alcoholic and medicinal abuse.

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