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Go Addiction


Go addiction is a combo pack of go addiction capsules and powder which provide solution for anti-depression, manage craving and help in lead stress less life naturally.

✔ It helps in repairs all damaged body system, generate a strong urge to quit addictions and get relieved from all of kind of addiction.

✔ The Ayurveda herbal medicine for Alcohol, smoking and tobacco addiction is safe and has no side effects. It is combination of many herbs which has no effects and safe to use.

✔ The herbal powder can be sprinkled on Cooked foods, can be mixed with veg & Non veg.

✔ If you yourself want to take the medicine, then you can take it with water.

✔ Addiction Free Powder is a mixture of precious Ayurvedic herbs. It is a 100 % herbal product which has no side effects. It improves health of the person. Depending on severity of addiction and health condition of the person, this powder can be taken over long periods of time, providing only healthy benefits.

✔ Addiction Free detoxifies the body the harmful chemicals from the addicting substance (alcohol, tobacco, etc) get accumulated inside the body in the liver, kidneys, etc the herbs In Powder remove toxins from the body. Go Addiction reduces craving of the addicting substance. Go Addiction helps improve the mental strength & will power. Go Addiction cures addiction side effects. It cures the problems of stomach, digestion, cough, bronchial problems, etc. Usually associated with addiction. It improves the overall health of a person

✔ Go Addiction decreases body stress, mental stress and tension. Go Addiction heals/harmonises mind, body and soul. With harmonious mind and healthy body, a person gradually loses interest in consumption of alcohol, tobacco, etc. Direction for use Take one spoonful (provided inside) of powder two times a day after meals with water This Ayurvedic powder can also be mixed/added in the food/meal

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